White Paper: Business Intelligence for IT



Make IT Accountable: Business Intelligence for IT

"IT needs to be accountable like the business"

...always on the CIO's top 5 list, but it seems little progress gets made. You try explaining IT is uniquely more "unmanageable" than the rest of the business, and no one cares. But business has something IT doesn't: Business Intelligence (BI) built SPECIFICALLY for them.

That just changed. HP has created a BI for IT solution: Executive Scorecard. It's smart because it sits on Business Objects (a terrific BI platform) and uses the world's most popular strategic alignment methodology – Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard. So HP focused on the business problem – determining what IT should manage – role by role and area by area, and then built KPIs to measure with.

If you want to better manage IT financially, operationally and strategically up and down the organization – and demonstrate improved value to the business – what do you need to do? How should you do it?

Download Evergreen Systems' new white paper "Business Intelligence for IT: If You Could Measure Anything...What Would You Measure?" now to find out.