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Best Practices for an Effective IT Service Design Process (A Provider's Perspective)

Posted by Don Casson

Providing consistent end-to-end services enables beautiful customer experiences

I talk about Amazon a lot because they empower their customers with a consistent end to end customer experience every single time, thanks in large part to a simplified design approach. There are other real-world examples where simple design and consistency wins in business, too.

Remember Myspace? Everyone was on it. But then came Facebook and took over the social media world. Why? Unlike Myspace, Facebook opted for a clean, consistent-looking interface. The simplicity in their design was relatable to a much broader audience. On the other hand, Myspace became cluttered with pages and widgets that many felt were annoying. Myspace allowed users to design their own pages any way they wanted. There was no consistency and pages became complicated. There was no cohesive look and feel that lent itself to a predictable user experience.

Facebook’s simpler, streamlined interface provided less choices in terms of widgets and page designs, but it delivered consistent experiences for users. Ultimately, this helped end Myspace’s dominance in the early 2000’s. And now everyone and their grandmothers use Facebook :-)

With ServiceNow's Service Portal, you can create new requests and supporting workflows easily and quickly. It is a powerful capability. But that can also create a problem: you can quickly build hundreds of requests and services – all with a unique look and feel. In other words, you can wind up creating a cluttered mess if you’re not careful. Your customers won’t like that, and they won’t use it.

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