Cloud Readiness Assessment

The demands on IT, along with compelling marketplace options, are leading organizations to consider Cloud services to replace, augment or compete with current IT operations. Delivered in a public, private or hybrid Cloud manner, Cloud solutions blur the lines of hardware, software and process with options like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (Saas).

Are you ready for the Cloud? Regardless of the type of Cloud service, IT will still be responsible for its performance, availability, security and quality. If delivering high levels of service quality is challenging today, going to the Cloud for some or all of a service’s delivery will likely create a higher level of complexity with less direct control for IT. Since most Cloud solutions are really a form of outsourcing, it’s easy to do – but hard to undo. As you embrace the Cloud, it’s important to have a common-sense strategy to maximize value and minimize risk.

Evergreen’s Cloud Readiness Services Engagement is designed to deliver the following:

  • a thorough review of IT services, common infrastructure, organizational and Service Management process components
  • an IT strategy that provides a clear strategic path towards Business Service Management, including Cloud capability
  • a roadmap providing a defined set of activities needed for Cloud readiness
  • a security and compliance analysis of risks to your organization

The Evergreen Approach

Common Infrastructure, Organizational and Service Management Process Review

A review of core competencies, this assessment focuses on the IT organization’s current capabilities in regards to infrastructure solutions’ maturity, organizational readiness and IT Service Management process readiness.

  • Infrastructure Solution Readiness – Focuses on IT Solution Readiness. IT will need solutions to support and manage Cloud services. Understanding the nature of Cloud demands, how current solutions can be leveraged to meet Cloud demands and identifying missing components is critical to success in your Cloud strategy.
  • Organizational Readiness – Focuses on Governance and Critical Success Factors (KPIs, Metrics and Measures). The key to Cloud preparedness is the ability to report on the services to be in-sourced or outsourced. Organizational readiness will determine your organization's preparedness not only to measure and report on the service, but to understand the relationship between organizations for responsibility and accountability.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Process Readiness – Focuses on Service Strategy, Service Design and Service Transition. This review includes an ITSM maturity assessment based on ITIL v3 best practices, defines the target future state and identifies the gaps between the current and future state to be addressed for effective Cloud sourcing.

Common Infrastructure, Organizational and Service Management Process Review

Building upon the results of the Infrastructure and Organizational Readiness reviews, Evergreen will define a strategy to address identified capability gaps and risks and establish a plan to support Cloud readiness. Evergreen will conduct workshops to develop a prioritized task list based on input from leadership team workshops. The final deliverable is an operating model blueprint of the readiness state and capability gap for each component within the IT organization, on a path to Cloud readiness.

IT Cloud Services Readiness Roadmap

Building upon the results of the ITSM Process Readiness review, Evergreen will develop a high-level ITSM roadmap with short, intermediate and long-term actions that aligns the defined IT Cloud strategy with your business needs. The roadmap phases will also highlight how and when key initiatives should be undertaken to automate tasks and drive out savings on the path to your Cloud objectives.

Cloud Decision Analysis Tool

Evergreen has developed a Cloud Decision Analysis Tool you may use to regularly evaluate your Cloud options and alternatives. Much like a portfolio management approach, Evergreen’s analysis tool creates a high-level, consistent basis for evaluating and ranking the opportunity, risk and cost of a range of prospective Cloud solutions. To get you started down this path, we will work with you to populate the tool and analyze your current key Cloud alternatives.

An On-Site Executive Briefing of Findings and Recommendations

Evergreen deliverables, including our findings, observations and recommendations, are delivered to you in a thorough on-site, executive-level briefing. We provide you with a clear basis for understanding your current state of readiness, with a review of the current infrastructure and management gaps on your path to Cloud readiness, an ITSM roadmap to ensure your service delivery process can support your business needs and an analysis of your ability to continue to evaluate Cloud sourcing options in light of their value and risk to your organization. In short we give you a clear plan of action for reaching Cloud readiness. Evergreen empowers you with common sense-based tools for evaluating all your Cloud options by providing a full understanding of their potential risk and value in your business.

The Evergreen Guarantee

Evergreen works with large, complex organizations to dramatically transform IT. The Cloud carries significant opportunity for transformation, as well as significant complexity and risk. Our Cloud Readiness Engagement is delivered in 30 days and can dramatically improve your organization’s ability to leverage the Cloud strategically and safely.

As with all Evergreen strategic consulting services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction, or you will not be billed. To discuss the unique challenges for your organization on the path to Cloud Readiness, call Evergreen Systems today: 571-262-0977 or email