ServiceNow’s Service Portal brings a modern CMS toolkit for building better customer experiences. The Evergreen Employee Self-Service Portal and Catalog (ESS) solution extends the Service Portal toolkit into a beautiful and complete, Amazon-like customer experience - end to end. (Print-friendly/PDF) of this page.


Function ServiceNow (Service Portal) Service Portal + Evergreen Employee Self-Service Portal & Catalog (ESS) Business Value
AREA: User Experience    
Responsive ability to support PC & Mobile? Yes Yes Customer engages & interacts with IT seamlessly and consistently, regardless of the device they are on. ServiceNow Service Portal leverages Bootstrap responsive grids and Evergreen ESS builds upon this foundation.
Consolidated customer workspace? No Yes One place for end users to see status, perform common actions and engagement with fulfillment. Truly creates an employee workspace for all IT interaction. ServiceNow Service Portal starts with separate functional portals (HR, Sales, IT, etc.) and provides a status screen that segments different record types (incidents, requests, etc.). Evergreen ESS provides a consolidated customer cockpit. ESS provides configuration tables that enable extensibility of record types and contextual actions.
In portal notification/events with ability to be role based? Basic Advanced Engage with your customers by communicating outages, notable events pertaining to their requests, etc. Personalization and worthwhile information drive customer engagement. Service Portal can be leveraged from mobile applications providing an experience where mobile push notifications can be delivered and responded to. ESS extends this functionality by adding additional in portal notifications based off table conditions and rules.
Consistent experience in portal -deep and wide? Basic Advanced Consistent look and feel from page to page. Open/editable components allow for ESS customers to present a single experience amongst all pages - giving customers a simple, beautiful, complete and consistent pre-built experience deep & wide throughout the portal. With 7 packaged themes and 15+ pages for all types of interaction, customers don’t have the jarring experience of a few beautiful pages and then dropping into native ServiceNow “IT-centric” look and feel.
User experience design engineering principles applied consistently? Basic Advanced We follow 5 design principles throughout - Simple, Beautiful, Complete, Predictive and Leading. Without consistent user experience design and engineering, the customer will consider the portal & catalog a failure.
Unified search? Basic Advanced Easy to configure and extend search to various sources with controls to filter results and find relevant records. ESS can federate search outside of ServiceNow to connect to content via web services for a unified search experience. ESS also leverages natural language APIs for driving a better search strategy on behalf of the customer.
Depth of Functionality    
Simple, intuitive Genius Bar functionality for scheduling expert help appointments? No Yes Visual scheduling feature to empower customers to get the one on one assistance they desire from various experts
Decision tree driven get help? No Yes Rather than drop a customer into a generic help form that is not user-friendly, the Evergreen ESS portal guides the user through a series of questions to drill into a topic and then prescribes answers from the knowledge base, forums or other sources to aid the customer in self-solving their own issues.
Visualization of workflow activities? Basic Advanced ESS provides a consumable interface for end users to see the progress of their service requests, see the communication thread and interact with fulfillers. This eliminates calls to support for status updates - generally a significant cause of Service Desk interactions.
Request Management/Store    
Store functionality? No Yes Shopping carts, order now (1 click, 2 click, save for later) and add to cart functionality. ESS provides flexibility in tailoring the cart and checkout process to personalize these shopping functions to meet the business requirements.
Ease of use, complete, high quality experience end to end with financial & asset mgmt. integration? No Yes The solution is designed to be ready to integrate with your financial approval and recording processes as well as automatically update the appropriate ServiceNow asset management records.
Service Catalog    
Complete pre-built Service Taxonomy for IT and Shared Services? No Yes Set of best practice catalog categories, subcategories and sample service definitions out of the box, for both IT and Shared Services catalog areas.
Service tombstone views? No Yes Evergreen’s Service tombstone views bring Service definitions, commitments and Service context information to your consumers in a simple easy to use manner - facilitating a pleasurable self-service decision making process.
Service & Request Integration? No Yes Show request forms contextually relevant to Services and show related Service tombstone behind a request form - enabling customers to make a self-service decision and then take action.
Service Owner Management Dashboard/Cockpit? No Yes Dashboard for Service Managers gives them controls to manage their commitments, engage with their customers and proactively manage their service activities. This powerful capability becomes the Service Manager’s reactive and proactive daily service workspace.
Service Health Dashboard? Basic Advanced Communicate and share service health with customers. Drive service outages and degradations based off of service dependencies. See the health of all Services you are subscribed to in a simple, single screen. ESS extends the basic functionality of the Service Portal with added filtering of the dashboard, toggle switches for subscribing to service outages and additional widgets to display notable outages, degradations or planned maintenance.
Service Design & Presentation    
Best practices based, standard Service Presentation Model? No Yes Evergreen’s Service Presentation Model is built into the solution and is designed to use the complete, consistent and concise information created during the Service Design Process, to enable customer self-service decisions and actions.
Service Metrics    
Social Media Quality Scoring? No Yes 5 Star social service rating system part of every Service definition, and gives the Service Manager the ability to directly and quickly interact with customers regarding feedback, resolve or explain an issue - right in the Service Tombstone.
Service Delivery Metrics? No Yes Linking/cascading of Customer KPIs to SLAs to OLAs, ensuring your customer, you and your supporting service providers are aligned for success.
Modern web development toolkit? Yes Yes Service Portal & ESS are built on AngularJS and jQuery with open toolkit to extend and leverage libraries and plugins commonly used by modern web developers. ESS extends Service Portal library with additional directives, dependencies and use of other libraries such as AngularJS Material.
Multiple themes? No Yes Included with the ESS application are 7 different pre-configured themes that alter style as well as functional components.
ServiceNow version upgrade protection? Yes Yes ESS is the only Service Portal & Catalog scoped application in the ServiceNow Store, and as such our core application is always upgradeable to the next version of ServiceNow. This work is performed and tested in advance of the next release so you can upgrade when you choose. For enhancements to ServiceNow’s out of the box capability, ServiceNow Services and other consultants use update sets or custom code, which usually require consulting migration support.
Technical Support included? Yes Yes Evergreen solution includes full technical support. CMS or Service Portal enhancements performed by ServiceNow Services or other consultants are custom code, which generally does not have technical support.
New releases of functionality? Yes Yes Evergreen provides ongoing development of the app and releases new functionality every six months, consistent with ServiceNow’s release activities.