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software search results screenshotManaging software is a challenge

Customers browse software in a beautiful, intuitive environment. When ready, they purchase and self install at the touch of a button. They are using their new software in minutes.

Purchase approvals, cost allocation and software asset management are automated, and the software is touchlessly installed. No effort by IT.

This is balanced design

By thinking customer in rather than IT out, we create an experience customers love and want to use. At the same time, IT gets what it needs like compliance, cost and fulfillment – automated by the customer's self-service actions.

software search screenshot

The customer experience is beautiful and complete

  • Enjoy a simple, easy to use self-service experience 
  • Easily browse, learn about and compare all software available
  • Add purchases to your shopping cart and checkout when ready
  • Install software with a click and use it right away

adobe systems user entitlementsIT gets what it needs, automatically

  • Can automatically route purchases for approval based on the requester or the price of software
  • Automated cost allocation and software asset management – keyed by the purchase
  • 4 options for distribution – from touchless via SCCM, download from a site, by mail or by the store

Available as a ServiceNow update set

  • pre-built workflowBeautiful user experience pre-built on ServiceNow
  • Pre-built, end-to-end, forms-based workflow, easily modified for your needs
  • Pre-built SCCM connectivity
  • Ability to integrate with your financial system and software asset management
  • Pricing starts as low as $19,500


"We offer 200 software titles to 150,000 employees in a beautiful, self-service Software Store with touchless, instant distribution, full cost allocation and software asset tracking – entirely automated! And we do it with only 3 people."

Director of IT Service Management
University Health


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