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In IT, the difference between ITIL best practices and the IT Service Management working reality can be significant. Those most skilled in ITIL knowledge can sometimes become quite strict about its structure and compliance. Those who are opposed to its perceived rigor will push back on even the idea that their organization is an "ITIL shop." It turns out that both of these positions are incorrect. An organization does not implement ITIL. It implements IT Service Management using ITIL guidance with plenty of "room for self-optimization."

At Evergreen, we help our clients understand the purpose of the ITIL framework, define their IT Service Management offerings and develop their approach to leveraging ITIL to best optimize their working IT services. Evergreen's value, when shaping an ITIL approach to Service Management, has been helping our clients understand that ITIL is not an "out-of-the-box" solution, but a framework that provides guidance and good practice (not necessarily best practice) for how the IT organization should operate.

Implementing Your ITSM Strategy

Evergreen has been successful helping our clients apply ITIL best practices in areas that create real value for their customers. Evergreen methodologies combine ITIL guidance with practical service management experience gleaned over the past two decades and 4000+ service management projects in a broad range of industries. These best practices and experiences are reflected in Evergreen’s "GreenPrints" our body of consulting knowledge which includes hundreds of policies and processes across all ITSM disciplines that can be readily adopted and/or adapted (optimized) to an IT organization's ITSM strategy.


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