HP Authorized Services Management Partner - Software Support

As an HP Elite software partner, Evergreen provides Authorized Services Management Partner software support (ASMP-S) on HP Enterprise Operations software, including Service Manager, Asset Manager and Automation.

Only those HP partners with the highest levels of expertise and certification are endorsed to provide ASMP-S services to HP customers and only Evergreen supports the entire ITSM and BSA suite of products with the skills, structure and professionalism required by HP.

Evergreen offers ASMP-S services on HP software with personalized and comprehensive first-level support backed by direct access to the HP Software support infrastructure - more than 800 technical support engineers in 65 countries, as well as specialized knowledge and comprehensive training resources.


Compare Evergreen and HP Software Support Options 
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Get Direct Access to Product Experts

Evergreen software support offers customers complete end-to-end services, with access to some of the industry’s most experienced HP certified engineers, as well as the most comprehensive group of professionals certified in ITSM and BSA technologies.

You Get a Bundle of Support with Evergreen

Your Evergreen software support services include:

  • U.S.-based help desk, where you have access to highly skilled experts whose sole mission is to provide you the best customer service available for HP software. We do whatever it takes to solve your issues quickly, and we do it on U.S. time and with no ‘follow-the-sun’ hours.
  • Immediate access to technology experts, who are fast, reliable and knowledgeable and are also typically less expensive than HP software support services.
  • Updates and access to our proprietary site reports and tools for better management.
  • Designated technical account representatives, trained to navigate the ever-changing HP software suite and equipped with the latest information on product changes and revisions.
  • Professionals with a history on your account who understand the complexity of your environment and are able to leverage the flexibility of the HP software so that you don’t have to ‘start over’ with us on every help request.
  • Clearly defined and fast-acting escalation paths, utilized to expedite issues to experts and resolve incidents quickly.
  • Support renewal options, which provide additional cost savings and give you a clear picture of ALL your choices, including multi-year and pre-paid options.
  • Access to HP Software Customer Connection, which provides your staff with continuous updates to white papers, updates, patches and revisions.
  • Design review sessions, which keep your overall system design on track with your changing needs.

Combining Evergreen's HP authorized software support with EvergreenEvolve for systems administration, on going development and program management simplifies your life.  With one contract / one stop shopping for total support you are freed to focus your team's efforts on higher value activities in your business. 

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