IT Automation and Orchestration

Automation is perhaps the single most important, yet often overlooked critical success factor in many of today's large IT transformation projects. Successful initiatives in Virtualization, Cloud, Service Catalog and Portfolio all require automation and the orchestration to drive real, measurable business value. Today's IT managers are realizing that the path to cost efficiency and relevancy has to include automation and orchestration. 

At Evergreen, we have been working with our clients in the automation and orchestration space for 15+ years. We have worked with a variety of tools and technologies (some better than others) and know what it takes to implement both the processes and enabling technologies to realize the benefits of automation. We start with the high-value, highly repeatable processes, automate those and then move to the next set of targets. 

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Evergreen's Automation Experience

Evergreen's consulting practice has helped dozens of organizations develop their automation strategy and then enable that strategy on many of the leading technologies, including automation tools by:

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