Strategic Consulting

Our clients understand that Evergreen is more than just a systems integrator. We bring a solutions approach to every project and key to this is our Strategic Consulting Practice. From assessments and road maps to organizational change and business process engineering, our consulting practice helps ensure our clients achieve their strategic objectives.  


Evergreen believes our clients have an opportunity unparalleled in the past two decades to make truly dramatic IT advances.

The convergence of ITIL v3 best practices, virtualization, Cloud, mobile and social has the power to simplify, automate or eliminate much of IT's work as it exists today. This can free highly skilled resources from repetitive, low-value work to be proactive again and work on the true mission of IT – to power the business. Evergreen's ability to map industry best practices and processes to today's leading technologies make us unique in our industry.

Strategic Consulting

We solve key IT challenges in the most simple and direct ways possible. We do this by understanding the organization's abilities, defining the correct strategy, aligning roles and responsibilities, streamlining and simplifying policy and processes, then enabling and automating the solution through effective technology. We focus so intently on measurably improving IT's business that our clients truly view their projects with us as investments.

One of the trends we see in today's market is the focus IT executives have on the Service Catalog. We believe that an effective and well-leveraged IT Service Catalog is the single most important way IT can remain relevant in today's evolving IT market.

We invite you to learn more about our approach. Check out our strategic Service Catalog: Plan, Analyze and Pilot Engagement and our Service Catalog Plan/Analyze Assessment and Roadmap offering (delivered in only two weeks!)