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Remote/Outsourced Administration and Development Services

Today's Enterprise Software provides the functionality and scalability that complex organizations require. But, this power comes with complexity and requires expertise to get the full benefits. After working with hundreds of enterprises over 15 years, we know that 80% of software features never get used. 

Why does this happen? It's human nature. A big investment is made in software and services to "go live" with enterprise software. IT is anxious to reach an operational state and reduce the spend rate. IT sees "go live" as this point. 

But there's a problem. "Go live" is usually basic operations while the customers of the solution still have important, unmet needs. There is a gap between what is needed and what is provided. Because it's expensive and difficult to meet those needs, they can get ignored and the gap widens over time – often causing the solution to fail.

EvergreenEvolve (EE) was designed to solve this problem, whether you use perpetual software or SaaS. EE can provide systems administration, continuing development of the solution, expert program management and best practices leadership – everything you need to be successful.

Our unique combination of on and offshore skills, deep expertise, active program management and low overhead ensures you have a high-quality solution at a very low cost. In fact, EvergreenEvolve Services can cost 30 to 50% less than what you are spending today! 

Our customers love EE, and you will too. If you have implemented technologies from ServiceNow, HP, BMC or other major enterprise software vendors, we can help. Contact us for a customized savings report!



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HP Customers:  Evergreen is an HP Authorized Services Management Partner (ASMP-S). Under this program, we provide first-level support for HP Software solutions. - Click Here to Learn More Here!