Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin for ServiceNow

Affordable ServiceNow Expertise, When You Need It

The Problem

Given the power of ServiceNow, most organizations have more demand than they can meet. Certified ServiceNow consulting resources are scarce. A gap can open between what your customers want and what IT can deliver. Bridging this gap with outside consultants is inefficient and too expensive. 

So customers can become unhappy, and IT sees great opportunity, but struggles to make progress fast enough.

The Solution - Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin

Meeting this demand easily and cost effectively is why we created Evergreen Evolve (EE) Virtual Admin for ServiceNow – a virtual task-based solution to meet your additional needs.

On-going Systems Administration and Development:  We provide fully certified ServiceNow Technical consultants you can use as you need, easily and quickly - without the hassle of repeatedly creating and executing detailed statements of work and purchase orders. You fund you EE Virtual Admin contract with an amount that makes sense for you, and the EE process makes it easy to get and approve task estimates - to build integrations, create reports, add new functionality or create new training materials - it's up to you!

Dedicated Evergreen Evolve Client Principal:  As part of EE you have a dedicated US-based Account Manager as your primary point of contact, who coordinates efforts on your behalf and is committed to your success. Your Account Manager manages all facets of the relationship so you don't have to.

Evergreen Evolve is Backed by the Full Power of Evergreen:  Every EE team member has full, immediate access to all Evergeen tools and methodologies and si a full participant in Evergreen's collaborative consultant workspace where they can instantly raise questions and seek help from the rest of the Evergreen consulting team. No wading through Wikis or waiting for assistance in an incident queue for EE consultants!

There are no "use it or lose it" restrictions your account. Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin is a 12 month contract, but your remaining funds balances does not expire when you renew. You use the funds when you want and need to. Plus, if at anytime you need more funding, you can add it.


Evergreen has a global, fully certified ServiceNow workforce, which helps make Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin both high quality AND cost effective. On average, our clients see very cost-effective blended rates, ranging between $110 and $150 per hour, which enables them to stretch their budgets further.  

The Process

Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin is designed to be simple and fast to use. You fund your initial contract with what you might conservatively expect to use over a 6-12 month period. Then as your development needs arise, you follow this simple process:

  • Describe what you would like to have built using our self-service, task request form.

  • Participate in a brief scoping call with an Evergreen Solution Architect.

  • Review, comment on and approve the task estimate prepared by Evergreen.

  • Evergreen then develops the solution on your development instance, and notifies you when it’s ready for testing.

  • You test and accept the solution.

  • Evergreen deducts the amount of the effort from your account balance.


Evergreen Evolve Virtual Admin Benefits                

  • Ease of Use – Prepaid balance with existing contract empowers you to authorize and pay for work easily and quickly, without contracting delays and invoice processing hassles

  • Dedicated Client Principal - We manage it so you don’t have to, freeing up your time

  • Flexible Usage – No use it or lose it conditions during the year

  • Flex Up & Down Quickly – It’s easy and fast to meet peaks and valleys in your demand. Additional funding can be added any time you need it

  • Senior Certified ServiceNow Consultants – Ensures high quality outcomes

  • Get a LOT of Value For Your Money – Given our unique blend of on and offshore you get a LOT for your investment

  • Get Expertise and Leadership You Can Trust – Every EvergreenEvolve consultant is fully certified and is backed by the full expertise of Evergreen

To support and extend durable business solutions with ServiceNow – depth of experience, best practices, clear leadership and skilled consulting at a price you can afford are the critical success factors.  

 See why our customers are so happy with EvergreenEvolve.  Don’t stand still; keep your solution moving forward!

About Evergreen

Evergreen has led hundreds of enterprises to transform IT over the past 18 years. We have 10 or more years of domain expertise in every ServiceNow application area, proven skills in strategy design, policy and process, best practices, and ITIL depth that can help you maximize the value of ServiceNow. With our unique combination of on and offshore skills we also bring a capable and very cost effective technical consulting ability.   

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