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Successful Service Catalog projects are dramatically different than many other IT projects. Few Organizations have practical experience planning for a successful Service Catalog project. Can you answer these questions?

  • What are the best practices? 
  • How do we measure success?
  • What roles & responsibilities will we have? 
  • What are the customer & executive expectations?
  • How do we build one the customers will really like?   
  • How do we build a simple strategy to guide decision making? 
  • What options do we have for getting started?
  • Can we start simply and then evolve?

Please join Don Casson, CEO of Evergreen as he answers these questions and explains the 5 steps to prepare your team for success with your IT Service Catalog project. Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Leader, will demo our constantly evolving view of a very advanced Employee Self-Service Catalog & Portal, built on ServiceNow.

Run time is 60 minutes.