Evergreen is a US service management consulting firm for upper mid market & enterprise sized entities in both the public and private sectors. We help our clients to deliver “Amazon like” customer centric service management - in IT, HR, Facilities, Legal and Customer Service.

Modern customer centric organizations like Amazon, Uber and AirBNB are re-writing the rules – delivering beautiful, complete, self-service experiences; with the least amount of human interaction. No one at Amazon handles your order, no one at Uber calls the driver and no one at AirBNB books your reservation.

Delivering services customers want – better than ever, with minimal human intervention, is critical today. ServiceNow brings a revolutionary workflow platform for creating end-to-end services that customers love. Whether for IT, HR, Facilities or Customer Service, the essential need for a beautiful, consistent, complete customer experience is the same.

Three years ago, we asked, “why can’t our customers provide an “Amazon like” service experience for their customers?” And the answer was, “They can.” Starting with IT, we began looking at all of Service Management from the customer’s eyes, and this changed everything. We call this Customer Centric Service Management.

Evergreen Evolve

Virtual Admin and Support for ServiceNow

Customers tell us their biggest problem with ServiceNow is keeping up with the demand. Skilled resources are scarce and outside consultants are too expensive and inflexible, so they don’t know where to turn. We created Evergreen Evolve specifically to fix this problem – a modern, unique approach to ServiceNow services that is fast, flexible and very affordable.

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IT Service Management

ITSM and Beyond

Core ITIL / IT Service Management principles are helping to underpin a customer and service centric transformation of IT - from a provider of technical outcomes to a modern, service broker – with “IT as a Service” in a central role. A solid, flexible ITSM foundation is now more critical than ever.

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Service Portal & Catalog

ITSM and Beyond

Leading IT organizations are creating “Amazon like” experiences of IT for their employees AND driving unparalleled productivity improvement by combining beautiful, complete self-service with “lights out” automation.

See why Evergreen’s Employee Self Service Portal & Catalog is the only complete, end-to-end solution in the Servicenow marketplace and the most popular solution on the ServiceNow Store – delivering an “Amazon like” experience out of the box.

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Shared Services

HR, Facilities & Legal

As soon as IT creates an initial beautiful, self-service experience for employees, demand from the shared services parts of the organization skyrockets, asking IT to help them create a similar experience. Why? While shared services functions have applications to do their work, they don’t have good customer interaction tools – often relying on e-mail, spreadsheets and voice mail to support their customers.

Effectively leveraged, the ServiceNow platform can deliver a consistent, beautiful employee customer service experience across the organization.

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Customer Service Management

Leading Customer Centric Service Management

Today, customers expect beautiful, complete, multichannel support – to quickly and consistently address their issues. Customer service agents must be able to easily reach across the organization to resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently. In order to do so, the flow of work from issue to resolution needs to span the organization, from customer request to an outcome.

This is modern customer service, and Evergreen brings its leading customer centric service management focus along with ServiceNow Customer Service Management to empower customer service, end to end.

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Configuration, CMDB & Asset Management

ITSM and Beyond

For many, the CMDB has been a solution in search of a problem. IT has amassed hundreds of thousands of CIs, but to what purpose? Yet, given the degree to which systems are now distributed and the speed of technology, an effective IT decision-making base is essential.

Evergreen combines bottom up with a top down approach – starting at the business service, then determining the least that can be done – not the most, to get the decision-making data needed to manage the service. Only this way – top down and bottom up, can the CMDB bring visible value, and align to support the needs of the business.

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IT Project & Portfolio Management

Accurate and timely Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) decision-making

As IT thinking evolves from “project based” IT to “IT as Services,” it's understanding evolves as well – from point in time activities to end to end, full lifecycle customer centric services. The degree of interconnectedness of hundreds of services and supporting sub services also rise. Accurate and timely Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) decision-making, awareness of current state, resourcing/funding and ability to flex quickly with changing priorities is becoming more critical.

Enterprise level PPM is hard, but done effectively – IT can make the right decisions across a highly interconnected portfolio - allocating scare resources effectively to align with the mission of the business.

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