Enterprise Software License management is a tough problem. Software audits are disruptive and expensive – and they aren’t going away. Software firms know they are a huge source of revenue. So maybe it’s time to do something?

But it’s a hard problem to solve. Both discovery and contract entitlement data are inconsistent, redundant and conflicting, and the volume of data is massive. Determining entitlement seems impossible.

That is no longer true.

4 Step Manage Enter SWPlease join us as we will show you how the ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM Pro) plus discovery can help find and rationalize your data. We will also share Evergreen’s 4 step process for solving the problem, which makes it much more manageable, and show how it was applied successfully at a national utility provider – starting with Microsoft Office 365.

As always, we will demo some of the concepts discussed live in ServiceNow, and answer your questions during an interactive Q&A session.

(This event was recorded live on May 1, 2019)