Simplify HP Asset Manager Procurement Management: Use a Wizard

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Simplify HP Asset Manager Procurement Management: Use a Wizard

Posted by Walt Hadermann

Thu, Feb 02, 2012

Most seasoned HP Asset Manager and Asset Center users know of the pain in maintaining the procurement catalog. Without creating extensive training materials and conducting a series of knowledge transfer sessions, adding items to the procurement catalog can be a confusing process. Too often users attempt to add catalog items only to discover that the items are not available in the “Create a New Request” wizard due to some mysterious technicality.

This process hurdle can be easily overcome by adding a wizard to your environment to automate the creation of the required records and links. The challenge of maintaining catalogs resides primarily in the many data dependencies needed to generate a Reference record. A Reference is a representation of a particular product offered by a specific vendor at a certain price.

Within Asset Manager (AM) a Reference record requires the following:

  • A Product record

  • A Catalog record

  • A Vendor record associated to the Catalog

  • A Reference record tying the Product to the Catalog and assigning a price

Furthermore, if what you are procuring will be tracked as a Portfolio Item in AM, the Product record must be associated to a Model record. Manually managing each of these records individually can be confusing to the novice users.

One way to help is to create a wizard that steps users through the process with a series of screens/questions to collect the necessary data. At the end of the wizard AM creates the necessary records, links them together and you’re done.

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About the Authors:

Walt Hadermann, ITAM Practice Manager - Evergreen Systems
Walt has been with Evergreen Systems since it was founded in 1997. He has spent most of his career helping customers implement IT Service and Asset Management solutions. Walt is ITIL Foundation certified and is a PMP. He currently leads Evergreen's IT Asset Management practice where he oversees the delivery of ITAM solutions. His practice focuses on leveraging HP Asset Manager and DDMI Technologies to help customers improve the IT Asset Management processes.

Ben Savage, Solutions Architect - Evergreen Systems
Ben has more than 15 years of experience in asset management, including application design, upgrades, re-implementations, systems engineering, sales support, network discovery, data manipulation/interfacing, IT processes and methods, and system consulting. Specifically, his expertise lies in the asset management field with a focus on process, design and implementation in all areas of asset management, including: inventory management, procurement, contract management, financial management, data integration, custom wizard development, network discovery, outsourced Asset Manager support and software asset management.

Topics: ITAM, Asset Manager Procurement Management, Asset Center, Procurement Catalog Management, HP Asset Manager


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