IT Automation Supports IT Innovation. So What's Stopping You?

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IT Automation Supports IT Innovation. So What's Stopping You?

Posted by Steph Velte

Thu, Jun 21, 2012

Evergreen works with many Fortune 500 and large government organizations around the world. One common thing that I’ve heard from many IT Managers and Directors is that IT innovation is once again a key item that they need to tackle. The problem is that I’ve heard the same story for quite a few years from the same people. When I asked what is preventing them from working on innovation, the IT organization gives me the same answers. These include:

  • staff and resource constraints
  • having the ability to identify and define innovation tasks
  • creating goals that are achievable with their current workloads and project requirements

So what is the solution to the problem? Hire more people? Even if a company went down this path, hiring additional resources is not going to solve the problem. Those new hires are going to be assimilated into the current day-to-day operations and the innovation projects will still be neglected and stuck at the gate.

So what is the real solution to this problem? IT AUTOMATION!

When day-to-day operations have been automated, IT staff resources can be reallocated to innovation projects because they spend less time in the minutia of daily issues. This reduction in daily operational issues requiring staff attention is due to the fact that IT automation provides greater reliability and stability of IT infrastructure by providing consistent deployment and management of IT infrastructure.

But just saying “go automate everything” is unachievable as well as a very daunting and expensive task. So it is important to determine where to start the journey towards automating IT operations. To tackle such a monumental task, it is important to start by evaluating the environment and find the “low hanging fruit.” There are a couple questions that can help guide an organization to finding the best place to start any IT automation project:

  • What processes and tasks when automated are going to provide the most value? 
  • What are the recurring issues that keep IT staff busy a majority of their day? 

Sometimes these questions may be best answered with the guidance of an outside set of eyes looking into the organization. You might want to consider working with an IT transformation consultant, like Evergreen Systems. 

There are also a number of great online resources to get your started, like our free IT white papers including:

Developing a Business Case for Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation through Data Center Automation

Based on best practices and previous experience working with other clients, Evergreen can examine your issues and help build the business case – and proof of value calculations – to create self-funded projects. Our clients often are able to utilize the cost savings we identify to fund the consulting and appropriate data center automation technologies to solve these issues while creating sustainable business outcomes.


About the Author:

Nate Aiken, Sr. Consultant, Evergreen Systems

Nate has a lifetime of computer knowledge and 12 years of experience working in IT service and support fields. He has more than 8 years of experience working with IT automation solutions. Nate has worked with many Fortune 1000 companies as well as several state and federal government agencies in planning and implementing IT automation solutions. You can email Nate directly at: "nate DOT aiken AT evergreensys DOT com"

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