Service Portfolio: 5 EZ Steps to Understand Costs, Eliminate Duplicates

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Service Portfolio: 5 EZ Steps to Understand Costs, Eliminate Duplicates

Posted by Steph Velte

Wed, Dec 05, 2012

Creating a Service Portfolio and ultimately publishing a Service Catalog provides the business customer with information they need on the cost and composition of a service. Frequently, we find that IT organizations have not adequately detailed the components of a service or the associated costs. This can lead to poor quality of the service due to inconsistent execution, the inability to modify the service easily given changes in the business and a lack of true understanding of the cost and value of the service in meeting the needs of the organization.

With Evergreen’s simple five-step approach, IT organizations can benefit from improved understanding of actual costs, identify and eliminate duplicate tasks and software and achieve the following goals:

• Reduce IT costs while providing more productive systems and software

• Baseline existing costs so valid cost/benefit comparisons can be made regarding new/emerging technologies such as Cloud and Mobility

• Align IT services with the business customer’s needs more accurately and consistently

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About the author
Philip J. Hellerman, Principal Consultant, Evergreen Systems

Philip has served in a variety of leadership, strategic and tactical positions during his 30-year IT career. In addition to his ITIL involvement for the past 12 years, his experience includes service delivery management, infrastructure management, application development and program/project management. He is ITIL and ISO20000 Certifi ed and experienced in delivering a variety of ITSM/ITIL solutions to Fortune Global 50/100/500 enterprises. He holds a BSBA degree from Valparaiso University.

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