Database Automation - Move Beyond the Data Center Bottleneck!

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Database Automation - Move Beyond the Data Center Bottleneck!

Posted by Steph Velte

Thu, Feb 14, 2013

Today data centers run very lean. Agile development, virtualization and cloud "thinking" are driving up work levels and service responsiveness expectations. Most data center budgets are not keeping pace with the increase in demand.

To meet demand, data centers are increasingly turning to automation of repetitive tasks, including provisioning of servers, networks and storage. These activities are squarely on the path to "private" cloud provisioning. But one of the most common, complex and time-consuming activities in the data center – the provisioning and management of databases and middleware – has remained mostly manual and is blocking the path to the private cloud.

Given the complexity and criticality of these systems, few have believed that a practical automated solution was possible.

But recent advances in automation can now transform how these enterprise platforms are deployed and managed. Want to learn more, watch this short 3 minute overview: Database and Middleware Automation - Move Beyond the Bottleneck in Your Data Center!...or download our free white paper now!


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