How Do We Build an Amazon-Like Experience of IT for Our Employees?

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How Do We Build an Amazon-Like Experience of IT for Our Employees?

Posted by Don Casson

Tue, Apr 04, 2017

Do you know who is the highest-rated customer service retailer in the world? Amazon. Do you know why? It’s because Amazon created and mastered the complete self-service customer experience. It’s also because no one needs to teach us how to use Amazon’s website, since we learn the process as we go through it. Having standardized processes across the entire enterprise produces a high-quality experience. Having strong governance and combining beautiful self-service with lights-out automation are foundational to Amazon’s success.

Five Principles: The Foundation of Amazon’s Customer Experience

If you want to create an Amazon-like experience of IT for your employees, you need to be familiar with the five principles that are the foundation of the customer experience Amazon provides, and understand how they apply to what you’re trying to do. These principles are:

  1. Simple: Simple means exactly what it implies — uncomplicated. In other words, it means removing every item — word, button, graphic, etc. — that isn’t directly related to your employees’ need to understand, choose and use your IT services. When it comes to IT, part of keeping things simple for your employees, or your IT customers, is not making your customers provide information you can get on your own.
  2. Beautiful: Beauty is that special something that brings pleasure to your senses, mind or spirit. While you may want to make every button on every screen eye-catching, you goal should be to make the overall end to end experience beautiful, when you’re trying to create an Amazon-like experience of IT for your employees.
  3. Complete: Complete means having all the necessary components and not lacking or being limited in any way. For creating an Amazon-like experience, this means your employees have everything they need to understand, choose and use your IT services, and all these things are arranged to facilitate the process. For you to be successful, you must engineer every service experience so it’s complete.
  4. Predictive: Predictive means to foretell based on something you’ve observed or experienced. Predictive complements complete, but takes things even further by presenting possible services your customers might want and enabling them to explore these possibilities.
  5. Leading: Leading happens when you guide the path of someone or something. To create an Amazon-like experience of IT, you need to provide a complete service experience, end to end, by linking every sequential step that’s on your service path. This is the only way you’ll be able to get your customers where you want them to go.

Where to Begin

Now that you’re familiar with the principles that are the foundation of Amazon’s customer experience, you might be wondering how you should start doing this yourself. You should start by creating a beautiful customer service portal. Thankfully, this is easy for you to do because someone else has already done it for you — Evergreen Systems.

Evergreen’s self-service portal and catalog solution is built on ServiceNow’s service portal. Our self-service portal and catalog is affordable and easy to find in ServiceNow’s store. Should you choose to use our solution, your self-service portal and catalog can be operating in as little as one month.

While finding your self-service portal and catalog can be as simple as visiting ServiceNow’s store, delivering an organization-wide portfolio of consistent, high-quality services your employees will appreciate and use isn’t as easy. From the provider’s perspective, you’ll need to provide a standard service design process, a service taxonomy and the ability to combine self-service and automation like Amazon does.

Our service portal gives you the ability to create requests and workflows quickly and simply. The service design process in our service portal and catalog provides a clear process all your providers can follow, which ultimately creates the service and request presentation your employees interact with.

Our calculation here is simple: Consistent Service Design Process = Consistent Customer Experience.

Our service portal includes a visual service taxonomy model that’s effective for customers and providers alike. Once your taxonomy is built, we can import it directly into our service portal and catalog.

Combining beautiful self-service with automation to provide consistent, high-quality customer service is the magic that is Amazon. Consumers love the experience that Amazon provides and the provider is fully automated just like your Amazon-like experience can be.

The Final Pieces

To create a truly Amazon-like experience of IT for your employees or customers, your managers will need a few final pieces put into place. These things include governance, quality of service and service ownership. Governance doesn’t involve a lot of overhead. Instead, it simply involves providing decision-making directions for the staff members who’re actually performing the work. Good governance will prevent your staff from having to request instruction or approval.

In order to deliver a quality service, your managers need a service owner. While the thought of assuming the implied responsibilities that come with being a service owner may make your cringe, our tools can make you look forward to assuming the role of service owner.

The service owner’s dashboard in our self-service portal and catalog provides all the information you need to proactively and reactively manage your IT services. Our user-friendly dashboard includes information about:
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Delivery

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