Can the IT Service Catalog Transform IT?

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Can the IT Service Catalog Transform IT?

Posted by Don Casson

Mon, Jan 19, 2015

There is a huge movement underway in IT right now to be more customer centric, and to deliver good services that IT’s customers really want and need. The Service Catalog is where this begins.  

But it’s not just a window dressing of things IT already does day to day available over a self service portal. It is about thinking “Customer-In” rather than "IT-Out.”

employee self-service portal service catalog

IT organizations doing this are dramatically & quickly changing IT’s value to their business and their customers – while at the same time transforming IT operations from a patchwork quilt of silos of technical capability to end to end, quality services.

Take a look at our vision of what the future could be like for you right now – with our beautiful, modern Employee Self Service Portal – built on ServiceNow.  We invite you to try it out, play with it as much as you want for free - now.





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