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IT Service Catalog Design - Make it Beautiful

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Mar 13, 2015

As we move from delivering silos of IT activity to truly delivering services our customers want and need, there is a simple but huge change we need to effect – we need to think like the customer. 

Fortunately, given the evolution of the web, it is much easier than it used to be. Nearly all of us today regularly interact with great web based, consumer experiences. Whether you search on Google, view Apple products on the Apple site, research real estate on Zillow, or e shop on Amazon or Zappos, you are seeing a great, modern customer experience. 

Do we even need to involve our customers as we develop their services? Yes – and from the beginning. But whenever you get stumped on what your customer might want – you can reset your frame of thinking in 5 seconds – by visiting any of the exceptional customer experiences you know of – and be the customer.  The answer will be right in front of you. 


Just as importantly, a core set of guiding lights, or design principles that your team understands, agrees on and commits to, is very powerful.  At Evergreen we studied the great examples including Amazon, Apple, Zappos and Google – and discovered 5 core design principles all seem to reflect.   We use these every day in our modern service catalogs / portals with our clients. 


They are:

  • Simple

  • Beautiful

  • Complete

  • Predictive

  • Leading


Next week we will start looking into each of these, and how they interact to keep you true to your goals. 


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Don Casson is CEO and co-founder of Evergreen Systems, an IT consulting firm leading 
Fortune 500 companies to dramatically transform their IT operations. Feel free to contact Don at

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