IT Service Catalog Design - Key Takeaways

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IT Service Catalog Design - Key Takeaways

Posted by Don Casson

Wed, Apr 15, 2015

After reviewing the 5 principles and the example websites, you can see that each of these sites are actually balancing the principles to execute most effectively for their customers.

Here are 5 key takeaways we hope will be valuable to you as you build or improve your Service Catalogs.

Keep it Bone Simple. Work hard to remove absolutely everything that isn't totally essential and stay after it. This will help combat the natural IT tendency to describe every service with a minimally relevant, 2000-word PDF that no one will ever read.

Service Catalogs Begin with the Customer. Don't forget if the customers don't use it – you fail. Engage them at the start and keep them engaged to combat the natural IT tendency to build things for customers without ever talking to them.

The 5 Design Principles Must Go End to End. As a consumer, do you return to sites that offer a poor or inconsistent end-to-end customer experience? NO. Your customers won't either. It is harder work to create a high-quality service experience end to end, but consider the alternative – your customers won't use it, which then will have been a total waste of time.

Practice Balanced Design. If you are smart and take your time to think it through, you can build services in such a way that the customer loves them AND, through self-service, actually does a lot of your work for you.

Service Catalogs are Transformative. If you focus on the customer and delivering excellent services, that will get IT thinking services rather than silos and transform IT's relationship with the customer and with itself. 



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