IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #2: Beautiful

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IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #2: Beautiful

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Mar 19, 2015

This is Part 3 in an on-going series. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

BEAUTY: Beauty is the quality in a thing that gives pleasure to the senses, mind or spirit.

Try thinking of beautiful as a function rather than as an adjective. Since there is no universal definition of beauty, how can we possibly please everyone? We can’t. So while we strive to make every step and screen beautiful by following our principles, the higher order goal is to make the experience beautiful. 

Consider Amazon – while you might not think any given screen is beautiful, they have virtually perfected the beautiful buying experience as a function – distilled to a single click, which is why so many of us are Amazon Prime members.

For those using ServiceNow, we have pre-built a beautiful user experience you can demo right on top of it. 


Apple retail store website




Apple as a company espouses beauty in everything they do, where they sit at the intersection of technology and art. Beauty and simplicity are core, inviolable design values for Apple, and like them or not, it’s hard to argue with their amazing success.

A few months ago I saw a line of 20 people waiting outside the Apple store, all laughing and joking – to see the new i phone 6. What is amazing is that less than a mile from there are Verizon and AT&T stores with i phone 6s you could play with – and no one in line.  That is beauty as a complete experience.   


 Splash water charity website


This site, Splash is one terrific combination. Right away it is beautiful and appeals to your emotions quickly and directly. It is also simple - with a picture and very few words you instantly know what it is all about and can learn more.

Maybe even better than the Apple site huh?   

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