IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #3: Complete

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IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #3: Complete

Posted by Don Casson

Wed, Mar 25, 2015

Complete: Complete is having all the necessary parts, not lacking or limited in any way.  Not requiring more work, entirely done. 
Everything the customer needs to understand, choose and use the service is there, arranged to facilitate their process. 

This is Part 4 in an on-going series on Service Catalog Design: read Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3.
Building a complete experience for a service means two things-
For every given page the experience is complete – everything you need to have to decide on or use the service is there, it has been completely thought out from the customer’s perspective.
For every step from start to finish, the experience is complete  - end-to-end.
This is very hard for IT to do well because the work is organized in silos. If a service passes through several silos of IT as it often will, the handoffs between silos may not be smooth, the tools to process the work in each silo are different and there may be redundant and even contradictory requests of the customer to provide data. There may even be different cultural perspectives on what a customer is, and what quality of service is supposed to be. 
To be successful – every service experience must be engineered to be complete

My wife and I recently attended a wedding, and we had not been to one for a while. My wife likes shoes and loves shopping at Zappos. She says it is a “complete” experience. For a few weeks before the wedding, shoeboxes began arriving frequently. She told me it was easier than going to the mall, she has more choices and returns are so simple. 
So I went to Zappos and typed in “wedding shoes.” This is where I landed. 



Zappos shoe portal1


Well this is a complete experience regardless of why you might be going to a wedding. I looked at styles in the “Services Taxonomy” on the left hand side, and saw sling backs, which she definitely likes. So I clicked on that.  

 zappos portal 2
Complete got even more complete. I could easily select size, heel height, and “wedding” was already pre-selected, so the shoes were right on target. 
There were 24 pairs that met my specs, and lots of reviews to help me choose including whether or not they were true to size and true to width. From there it was only another step to buy them.

Join me for my next post on Princple #4: Predictive (Predictive goes hand in hand with Complete...)


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