IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #4: Predictive

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IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #4: Predictive

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Mar 26, 2015

PREDICTIVE: Predictive is to foretell based on observation or experience.  

Predictive goes hand in hand with Complete. Predictive takes it one step further, introducing possibilities the customer is likely to want next with the option to easily explore them. 

Air BnB example

 This is Part 5 in an on-going series on  IT Service Catalog Design: read Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4.

Predictive is always that little surprise that pleases the customer, which they even come to expect and happily anticipate. Like Steve Jobs on stage introducing the most compelling new Apple product last, with the phrase “and there’s just one more thing…”

AIR BNB is a fun site where you can rent a room in someone’s house or even their whole house in locations all around the world. Starting in 2008, they have created a trusted community marketplace with 800,000 listings.

Since I am going to Miami’s South Beach soon, I thought I would check out the accommodations.  I can filter my search based on price, number of guests, type of lodging etc. and look at the results.  But, if I don’t find what I am looking for – AIRBNB has predicted that I might expand my search radius or even consider an alternative area in Miami – like Coral Gables rather than South Beach. 

So they put an easily scaled map on the left hand side – so I can refine my search without “getting lost” and having to revert to something clunky and archaic like a zip code search.  Nice!

In the next post, principle #5 of Service Catalog Design - LEADING.


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