IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #5: Leading

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IT Service Catalog Design - Principle #5: Leading

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Apr 09, 2015

This is part 5 in the series "IT Service Catalog Design: Make IT Beautiful." To start at part 1, please click here.

Leading is to guide something or someone along a way.

Leading has two contexts for us. 

Leading is ensuring you are linking each step on the customer service path to the next, for the complete service end to end - so the customer is never lost, confused or frustrated. 

Leading also means that at any given point in the experience you may present the customer with something that is just a bit beyond the actual current experience, but might be of interest to them given who they are, what they like, what they already have, or are in the process of getting.

It is also about taking the customer somewhere you want them to go, like signing up for your company’s new BYOD support offering (assuming you make it worth their while) or for a new single sign on capability (better for them and IT).


Amazon is a master at leading – showing you other things “you might be interested in” while you are in the middle of a current shopping experience.

Here is a combination of predictive and leading.

Note they are highlighting men’s running shoes. While I have never shopped for men’s running shoes on Amazon, I did recently on Sierra Trading Post.  Armed with this web knowledge, Amazon presented me with running shoes front and center, in the hope I hadn’t made a purchase yet.

Now we switch to where Amazon wants to lead me.  At the number 1 position are the Fire HD devices.  While I did buy a Fire years ago when they first came out that was a long time ago – so this is probably not because of that long ago interest, this is what THEY want to sell me.   Too bad I am an iPad user! 

Let’s go back to Air BNB. 



So I found a place I am interested in and this woman Natalie owns it. Since I want to know a little about who my host might be I read her bio & find out we have a lot in common. 

Natalie is a volunteer for Alzheimers Association, she loves organic foods and cooking is one of her favorite hobbies.

This is where it get’s very interesting!  She seems pretty cool, so I look at her wish lists for Dream homes and Vacation places – and find a few that look appealing to me outside of Miami – which just also happen to be in the airBNB network.  A very impressive and subtle use of leading. 

In my next post - the key takeaways!

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