IT Service Catalog Implementation: 5 Guidelines to Get You Started

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IT Service Catalog Implementation: 5 Guidelines to Get You Started

Posted by Don Casson

Tue, Feb 03, 2015

Lacking Knowledge About How to Proceed

During our Service Catalog workshops, we are often asked “what is the best approach for implementing a Service Catalog”? While Evergreen encourages you and your IT organization to partner and engage with experienced Service Catalog professionals we would like to provide 5 basic guidelines to get you started.

(This is the 3rd common barrier to IT Service Catalog about barrier #1 and barrier # 2). 

Goals and Objectives – The Service Catalog initiative should be considered an integral part of the overall IT initiatives. The path toward implementing a great Service Catalog begins by answering those critical questions related to the goals and objectives.

  •          What are the goals of a Service Catalog?
  •          Who are the customers of the Service Catalog?
  •          What are the business issues and objectives you hope to address?

Typically the goal should be to give your customers high value, easily accessible services that they need to better do their jobs. This in turn leads to powerful outcomes – closer alignment with the customer, closer alignment with the business, and transformation of ITs view of itself from silos of technology to providers of services.

Ownership – Clearly identify ownership for each service and enlist experience personnel to lead the program. Our experience suggests that without Service ownership, Services quickly languish and become ineffective while also tarnishing the very IT organization that had hoped to engage in a more transparent position with its business customer. All services delivered have to be consistent, high quality and meet the expectations you have set in the customer’s mind. If even 5% of the service quality / customer experience is poor – it will undermine all of your hard work.

Communicate – A robust communications plan is critical to success. It is important to regularly share quick wins and successes with the entire enterprise. The introduction of a Service Catalog into the IT organization is a transformational activity. Realize that such transformations are disruptive and can be uncomfortable but offer executives a rare career opportunity to become a visionary. Proactively create positive communications addressing any transformation issues and engage ongoing support from leadership and communicate their support. 

PilotEvergreen is a strong proponent of “pilots” because it gives you an opportunity to identify issues within a smaller, friendlier audience. A pilot becomes a learning experience for all involved and has the effect of releasing any trepidation that may be encountered when the Service Catalog transformation is introduced. A pilot allows the proponents of the Service Catalog to make mistakes and assure others that any issues will be worked until the initiative is right. Only then will the Service Catalog be rolled out and introduced to the enterprise.

Implementation – Going live is the last activity and should occur only after a successful pilot. Any lessons learned from the pilot should be explored and applied as needed. A communication plan should be in place to communicate the future go-live date and detail the types of services that can be requested from the Service Catalog. Importantly, the Service Desk should be engaged and fully trained on the nuances of the Service Catalog. The Service Desk can be a strong ally / promoter of the Service Catalog since their workload will decrease, and allow them to focus on the higher order needs of their customers.


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