IT Service Catalog Initiative? How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers (Part 2)

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IT Service Catalog Initiative? How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers (Part 2)

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Jan 30, 2015

Overcoming 3 Barriers to a Service Catalog  - Barrier 2

Many organizations want to pursue a Service Catalog initiative but are reluctant because of lack of funding, organizational change resistance and lack of knowledge about how to proceed. These barriers can be overcome and provide a pathway for your organization to succeed in its Service Catalog initiative.

(This is part 2 of a 3 part series - read part one here.)

Organizational Change Resistance

 IT organizations that resist change are often focused on technology rather than the customer, typically reward support staff for their reactive “fire-fighting” capabilities rather than focusing on proactive prevention and are strongly organized within technical silos rather than alignment against end to end services.  Organizations that pursue change will realize quickly that a transformational shift is happening right now between IT and its customers.

The powerful Cloud ecosystem and the large list of vendors supporting cloud environments ($220B by 2020 by some estimates) empower Lines of Business (LOBs) to seek their own solutions to IT issues and go around the internal IT organization. The result is a weakened IT organization with little input into the solution. A recent survey reported in CIO magazine suggests the role of IT is dramatically changing. Some 59% of respondents to a Cisco and Intel survey believe that “purchasing authority will also eventually reside with LOBs.”

IT organizations embracing a Service Catalog as the front door to IT will provide the basis for IT to ultimately succeed in becoming a System Integrator/Broker rather than trying to be the direct provider of everything their customer needs. This change in IT focus creates an environment that encourages partnership with the LOB and strongly positions the internal IT organization as the “go-to” resource for the business’ IT needs.


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