IT Service Catalog: The Big Lever (Part one)

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IT Service Catalog: The Big Lever (Part one)

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Aug 07, 2014

As I have met with clients over the past year, we have talked about all of the technology change IT is facing, but also how IT itself must fundamentally change. I thought it would be interesting to share thoughts on this via the blog – and break it up into a number of more bit-sized pieces. Here is Part 1 – the thirty-thousand-foot view.

(If you are interested in reading it all at once, you can follow this link now to the whole document, which I call "The Big Lever.")

IT Service Catalog: The Big Lever

How to Go From Yesterday to Tomorrow Faster

Executive Summary

Powerful, personal technology is everywhere, with everyone now. While we may still be in the early stages of creating a deep, personal relationship with each customer, the time to deliver that, or fail to do so is soon coming to an end. Companies harnessing technology for speed and agility to do this are transforming markets in months not years.

With mass personalization Information Technology may move from fueling innovation to being the innovation. Consider the Coke Freestyle machine with its planned Facebook interaction where you can share your personal Diet Coke recipe with the world, or Pratt & Whitney's use of technology to stop selling jet engines and instead provide "Jet Engine as a Service" to their customers – early examples of the power of the Internet of Things.

How can enterprise IT even begin to meet this new demand? With culture, processes, skills, technology and leadership still deeply rooted in a 30-year-old client/server paradigm – IT faces a Titanic struggle to transform itself to meet the needs of the modern customer, with little time to do so.

There is a way. By looking at everything IT does as part of a service (for someone) and focusing intently on dramatically transforming the internal customer experience, IT can learn how to be responsive to a customer's true needs and learn how to lead that customer. The whole focus of IT pivots, and technology takes a back seat to the relationship with customers. The internal customer is a proxy for the external customer – with the same wants, desires and hopes for technology enablement. They are like a private pilot group – and enabling them can unleash a flood of creativity and productivity.

We call this "The Big Lever." Empower your own employees, and you strategically transform IT.

IT Transformation Evergreen Systems Big Lever


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