IT Service Catalog Software Store – An Example of Balanced Service Design (Part 4 of 5)

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IT Service Catalog Software Store – An Example of Balanced Service Design (Part 4 of 5)

Posted by Don Casson

Tue, Apr 12, 2016

This is part 4 in a series of 5 posts. Click here to read part 1. To access part 2, click here. For part 3, click here.

Creating effective IT Services always involves three constituencies  - the customer, the provider and the manager.

Most organizations are interested in building a beautiful, self-service software store as part of their IT Service Catalogs. It is also a great example of balanced design – giving the customers what they want to get what we need. 

Let’s look at the step “Install.”



The customer now can select how they want to get their software. If their PC is “managed” with an application like SCCM, they will see that they can self-install their software with a single button push. If not, another option would be to follow a link to a site and download the software – also very quick. Beyond that, if they want the actual media they can even choose (request) that it be shipped or they can pick it up.

Once again, IT doesn’t have to do anything unless they are manually providing the media. 

The integration with the desktop platform manager automates the deployment to a managed desktop or the customer downloads the software themselves.

Join me later this week for a look at the step "Install.” 

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