IT Service Catalog - Service Portfolio: 8 Keys to Success (aka The Big Lever - Part 5)

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IT Service Catalog - Service Portfolio: 8 Keys to Success (aka The Big Lever - Part 5)

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Sep 26, 2014

Today is a good time to start catching up. Take action now. Here are eight success keys that can help serve as guiding lights for your journey, plus ONE big, overarching truth – ONLY design from the customer experience in.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts – good luck on your journey.

Today – The Challenge and Opportunity

If you don't have a current initiative underway to create a powerful IT Service Portfolio/Catalog, should you? If you do, should you re-imagine it from a broader strategic perspective and engage deeply with your internal customer to co-create and co-develop the solution?

It is absolutely critical to do so.


Here are Eight Keys to Success as you begin down this path:

  • Common Language

    • You will have a broad constituency engaged. Make sure they are speaking the same language – for example, "What is a service?"
  • Get the Right Group

    • The design (transformation) group is critical. It must be heavily represented (led?) by internal customers. Further – tap your applications development team for the most creative types in "user experience engineering" and those who have built successful, innovative software. Services design is very similar to software design.
  • Visioneering

    • Think big and broad on what could or even might be. Like brainstorming don't limit it. Establish guiding design principles. For example, at Evergreen we guide all efforts in Service Portfolio/Catalog with five principles. It must be simple, beautiful, complete, predictive and leading.
  • Define the Future State

    • Capture a big, inclusive picture of future state based upon the Visioneering. Target a state two to three years away – build a clear, value-based roadmap connecting the two.
  • Key Challenges/Current Needs/Road Map

    • Understand where you are today and what the (high-level) gaps are over time to reach the future state – build a clear, value-based road map connecting the two.
  • Define the Next Needed State

    • Based on today's needs, define your phase 1 state on the path to your future state.
  • Build, Pilot and Deploy

    • Pilot everything with a small group of internal customers. A LOT will be learned this way as IT is in the process of really understanding the internal customer. Once each stage is refined take it to production while working on the next phase with the Pilot Group.
  • Focus on High-Value, Durable Services and Reuse

    • Creating a Service is like creating a software application. It is built, brought to life, modified over time and eventually retired. Since it's not trivial, it must be high value to be worth doing. Then every service needs to be understood from its "building blocks" and actively managed in a "library" function to maximize reuse and minimize confusion.


Never Forget...

  • Always design from the outside in – forget what IT wants.

  • Just because something isn't complex or difficult doesn't mean it isn't highly valuable (to the customer).

  • Good enough is good enough – don't over-design out of habit.

  • Let it evolve in small steps – you don't know where the journey will take you.

  • Be risk takers with your Pilot Group.

  • Embrace worldwide social (safely) to truly empower your internal customers.


Do Something Today

We believe that IT will see more change in the next three to five years than it has in the past 20. This is a unique time of opportunity and threat for everyone in the status quo, that Geoffrey Moore calls "secular growth." He defines it as "a not to be repeated expansion of the market whenever a new class of customers or category is brought on board. Whiff here, and you miss out on a massive growth opportunity that will never pass your way again. In short, missing out on secular growth is a disaster."

It is not a time of business as usual. You have the Big Lever in your hand...pull it!

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