IT Service Catalog vs. Request Portal: What Sets them Apart? (Part 4)

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IT Service Catalog vs. Request Portal: What Sets them Apart? (Part 4)

Posted by Don Casson

Tue, Mar 10, 2015

(This is the last in a series - click here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

Service Catalog v. Request Portal Difference #5

Services defined in the Service Catalog are considered Configuration Items (CI). Subsequently, any changes that are made to a service CI require a change record and review via the organizations standard change processes.

Requests are not defined as Configuration Items and are not controlled by Change Management. Modifications to any request need not be reviewed as a part of the change process.

As mentioned, often a service is made up of a variety of individual components that have been defined in the Service Portfolio. Not only is each service defined as a CI in the Configuration Management System (CMS) but each of the components that comprise the service are defined as CIs.


Service Catalog v. Request Portal Key Takeaways


Key Take Aways:

Clarity of terms is critical as a true service-centric initiative engages to a broad cross section of IT and non-IT workers. Leverage ITIL definitions/alignment to communicate clearly.

Service Catalogs are built from "the customer in rather than IT out." Request portals are essentially just accessible IT actions.

Understanding and empowering customers aligns IT with the business – linked through the Service Portfolio and Service Catalog.

Richly described attributes with variet pricing/offerings drives customer self-service and enables IT to lead decision making and create bundled solutions – reducing complexity and variety.

A robust Service Portfolio/Service Catalog solution transforms IT's relationship with customers AND IT itself moving from "IT silos" to becoming the enterprise services broker/integrator.

Service components as CIs enables re-use and myriad combinations of components for new or improved services. This reduces time to build new services as well as reduces the proliferation of essentially duplicated single-use services. This standardization and active management of service components (CIs) also enables accurate and consistent measurement of service quality over time.



Service Catalog vs. Request Portal White Paper



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