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IT Service Catalog - Yours Needs to be Better

Posted by Jason Whitesides

Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Think for a moment about the worst customer experience you ever had. My bet is that if you had a bad customer experience that was the last time you gave whomever under-delivered your business.

DMVIT organizations for too long have been able to ignore the customer experience. We have seen campaigns from ServiceNow highlighting the "Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)" like aspect of working with IT. No one wants to go to the DMV, well at least not those who have actually been there.

The fact is that the workforce is changing; most people have access to technology that rivals what a business is giving them for work in their own personal lives. For most entering the workforce, they have had access to freemium services that rival best-in-class enterprise services.

In defense of the DMV, I can do a lot of what I need to from the current web site and have successfully managed to avoid standing in those lines for the past several years. However, the DMV website is not one that I rave about either. It's functional, but not intuitive. Many IT organizations have done the same thing – created a functional, non-intuitive set of experiences that force people to have to want to work with them. This aspect of communicating what is available is not very good for most companies. In the past it didn't have to be because consumers of the services really didn't have a choice. Recently I saw a survey that stated that as many as 80% of employees at some companies were using services not authorized by IT. I wonder how many of those customers of IT tried to get the service they desired from IT but left with a poor experience, causing them to look elsewhere.

After highlighting the poor experiences I would like to refocus on what your best customer service experiences have been. My guess is that you continue to patronize these businesses. It's time for us to start thinking in terms of earning and retaining customers. This means we will have to:

For an IT organization to truly fulfill its mission, a change needs to happen that is greater than doing a little bit better. IT organizations must recognize that they have customers, not people who are forced to use the systems. Many vendors' go-to-market strategy is to go around IT departments and work directly with the business units of large companies. I would say that corporate IT is competing with these companies, but the fact is that many don't even know the game is being played.

It's time to make a change, make a first impression with a catalog that understands the answers to these questions:

Who are our customers? What do they want to buy? What are their expectations for quality and delivery? What will they pay? Who owns a service? Who delivers each part of the service? Which services are worth creating?

We realize the gap between where you are today and where you want to go can seem insurmountable. Evergreen has a logical, step-by-step approach to implement an actionable, easy-to-use Service Catalog – all at a pace you can handle with clear, measurable benefits along the way.

This begins with Evergreen's Plan/Analyze/Pilot Engagement to position you for success. Given our depth of experience, methodology and tools, we can deliver this engagement very cost effectively, within four to six weeks. Unlike traditional consulting planning engagement, Evergreen's Plan/Analyze/Pilot is prescriptive, direct and includes designing and building a pilot Service Catalog that is an accurate representation of your planned, future Service Catalog. This helps your team "see the future," which is invaluable in your journey.


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About the Author

Jason Whitesides, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions - Evergreen Systems
As the EVP of Enterprise Solutions, Jason is charged with evaluating the solutions that Evergreen provides to make sure we are bringing value to our customers. Additionally, he is responsible for innovation and works with our key customers, practice managers and senior consultants to develop programs and initiatives that will lead transformation of IT. Jason also manages all pre-sales technical solutions support at Evergreen.

Jason has more than 20 years’ experience in IT. He has been with Evergreen since it merged with (NDW) in 2008. He is an alumnus of Brigham Young University where he majored in Electrical Engineering.


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