IT Service Catalogs: Balanced Design Principles

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IT Service Catalogs: Balanced Design Principles

Posted by Don Casson

Mon, Mar 07, 2016

Is building customer centric IT Services for your Service Catalog good enough?

What is the ITIL definition of an IT Service?  “An outcome that meets a customer’s needs well enough to justify the purchase price.” That’s it. Simple huh? So building Services our customers would want seems like the key to success. 

But there is more than just the customer...  

IT Service Catalog_Balanced_Design_Principles.png

Creating effective services rather than providing fragmented IT silo activities involves three constituencies:

the customer,
the provider
and the manager. 

All must be involved and have their needs met to create any truly viable service.

We recognize IT wants to deliver great services their customers will love, but they also want to reduce their own complexity and improve efficiency, accuracy, accountability, governance, and speed and quality of service. 

You can achieve these goals by following an approach we call Balanced Design.  If we begin by designing for the customer in a way that they love it and want to use it – we can also get what we want, and have it driven by the customer’s own self service actions.  Give the customer what they want to get what we need. 

What does each constituent want?  The customer wants a great customer experience, the provider wants execution effectiveness and the manager wants governance and accountability. 

Only by considering the needs of all the constituents when designing any Service, we can build durable, complete Services that our customers will love.

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