IT Service Catalogs: Meeting the Manager's Needs in Service Catalog Services Design

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IT Service Catalogs: Meeting the Manager's Needs in Service Catalog Services Design

Posted by Don Casson

Mon, Mar 21, 2016

Creating effective IT Services always involves three constituencies  - the customer, the provider and the manager. 

All must be involved and have their needs met to create any truly viable service.

So what does the manager need? 



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Management needs visibility into quality and accountability, without it they are flying blind.  Only through effective management and insight into the services delivered can you sustain quality over time.  Visibility into cost / value of services gives management the knowledge to determine if the service is worth the cost to deliver it, as well as giving hard data needed to justify changes, improvements or even new services.  Cost is a powerful lever to influence customer behavior as well. 

Building manageability in at the time you design a service is the right time to do it.  It is when you are truly in the “synchronized moment” with the needs of the customer and the provider – when you best understand what the service end to end intends to deliver – and so you can also most easily and correctly design the controls that enable you to deliver the service with high quality and consistency over time. 


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