IT Service Catalogs: The Essential IT Services Design Relationship

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IT Service Catalogs: The Essential IT Services Design Relationship

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Mar 17, 2016

Customer and Provider: The Essential IT Services Design Relationship

Not only creating, but improving Services over time depends on the on-going relationship, or “ballet” between the customer and the provider. 


At the highest level, we must re-engineer / simplify the work “end to end” for two reasons.

  1. If the experience isn’t consistent, high quality end to end, the customer will reject it. You can’t just make the front page pretty and then drop the ball – it makes customers even angrier.  Imagine if you went to Amazon and the “Service Catalog” buying experience was beautiful for electronics, but horrible for running shoes?  I know that sounds funny – but if you think about the consistency of IT service delivery from the “silos” of IT in your business you probably just stopped laughing.

  2. If you go to the grassroots level with your providers and really simplify & improve how the work gets done – they will love it too. And they will lead the customers to the new way of doing business  – thereby overcoming the big challenge of organizational change resistance together.

This “ballet” between the customer & provider gets better and better as you work on it, every day.  By focusing on the customer and the services they want and need – you can also transform IT. 

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