How to Go From Yesterday to Tomorrow Faster - The Big Lever (Part 4)

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How to Go From Yesterday to Tomorrow Faster - The Big Lever (Part 4)

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Sep 12, 2014

Can rapidly transforming your customer's experience help IT to move faster and better too? I think it can.

(This is part two in a series written by Evergreen CEO Don Casson. You may read part one here. If you are interested in reading it all at once, follow this link now to the whole document, "The Big Lever.")

The Big Lever – How to Go From Yesterday to Tomorrow Faster

Enterprise IT needs to transform its culture from a technology focus to a customer focus, as quickly as possible. Changing culture is an iterative process over time – where constant, repetitive exposure to a new way gradually brings about the changes needed. The more direct the exposure, the shorter the cycles of response to needs and the larger number of people exposed to the new paradigm – the faster the change.

There is nothing more effective to change behavior than an actual need supported by an actual project – with funding, deadlines and clearly articulated business value. In other words, a "live fire" exercise works best.

Many organizations are actively working today on Service Portfolio / Service Catalog initiatives, with the intent to deliver "IT as a Service" as well as improving a wide range of self-service activities for internal customers.

Consider the following evolution of delivering "IT as a Service" as a strategic lever.




With this perspective, current Service Portfolio / Service Catalog projects can gain a much greater, strategic importance. They can be the "Big Lever" to transform IT from a technology-centric culture to a customer-centric culture. The timing is perfect.


Tomorrow represents this new customer-led paradigm fully realized. IT can truly transform the internal customer experience in the day-to-day workplace in the same way Amazon has transformed our day-to-day buying experience.

Imagine a Digital Workspace that...

  • You log into once, and all of the applications and resources you use or want to use are immediately available on a single, simple palette.
  • Enables you to collaborate quickly and easily; with employees, partners and customers – inside and outside the firewall.
  • You can easily search for artifiacts inside your company relevant to anything you are working on and can also find other employees who may have relevant experience and knowledge.
  • Offers easy, full connectivity from anywhere, anytime, on whatever smart device you happen to be on.
  • Brings you a personal, contextual, relevant experience that is simple, beautiful, complete and predictive.
  • Enables you to order goods and services relevant to who you are, where you are, what you have and even what you are working on.
  • Brings you help where and when you need it – whether it is a technical problem, a how-to question or a better way to do something.
  • Takes "knowledge" to a whole new level – that proactively recommends a variety of learning experiences and community interactions that are timely and relevant for you.

More to come in Part 5...or read it now in the complete paper by Don Casson, The Big Lever. Click below for your free download.

IT Transformation - Transform the IT Customer Relationship White Paper

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