ITIL Sees Services and Requests Differently

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ITIL Sees Services and Requests Differently

Posted by Don Casson

Mon, Feb 01, 2016

The ITIL framework clearly differentiates the stages in which the Service Portfolio, Service Catalog and Request Portal operate. Service Portfolio is aligned with Service Strategy. The Service Catalog aligns with Service Design. And Request Fulfillment aligns with Services Operations.


The Request Portal is part of daily Service Operations, while the Service Catalog is aligned with the business strategy.   Typically, the strategic value of the Service Catalog raises it’s importance in the organization, where it becomes aligned with the business leadership and financial strategies.

Service Strategy defines how an IT organization identifies and creates and manages Services that empower business customers to achieve their desired outcomes.

The Service Design stage creates Service solutions that meet ever-changing business requirements. It does so by defining the Service and requisite processes, policies, and governance that facilitates the introduction of new or modified Services to the catalog.

In contrast, Request Fulfillment is a primary process in the Service Operations stage – not strategic in nature but more aimed at supporting the daily operation

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