Service Catalog vs Request Portal: Best Practice Differentiators - Part 2 of 4

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Service Catalog vs Request Portal: Best Practice Differentiators - Part 2 of 4

Posted by Don Casson

Mon, Feb 15, 2016

Service Catalogs Begin with the Customer

Services in the Service Catalog should be built after determining what the customer needs to be successful. Historically, IT’s focus has been inward because of technology complexity and siloed organizational structures - not what was best for the business customer.

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Even for many today, IT’s notion of Services in a Service Catalog is driven by the desire to offload IT work to the customer rather than create what the customer actually needs AND offload work from the customer.  Here is a too common example: 3 Page PDF Services and Abusive E-forms.

Have you ever created an IT Service that starts with a 2-3 page PDF describing in exacting detail everything IT is or might do, and then asks the customer to “order” the service by sending an e mail, or calling a phone number? Then we might even make it worse by feeding them some sort of self-service e-form that requires 30 data points or questions to be answered, with many that clearly aren’t even relevant to the matter at hand…

...I ask you, would you buy running shoes (or anything) at Amazon if that was the customer experience?!?!

Check back in a few days for my next post: "Service Catalogs Link IT Strategy with Customers."


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