Evergreen Systems Announces Free ServiceNow Code Quality Audit App

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Evergreen Systems Announces Free ServiceNow Code Quality Audit App

Posted by Don Casson

Wed, Sep 12, 2018

Find, analyze and repair poor code in your ServiceNow instance

Evergreen announces general availability of the free Evergreen Instance Analyzer (EIA) for ServiceNow customers. With EIA you can find, analyze and repair poor quality code in your ServiceNow instance and run code audits regularly as part of your ongoing ServiceNow quality assurance efforts. You can run specific ad hoc scans, or regular targeted scans against some or all of your ServiceNow code. EIA analyzes and identifies poor quality code, then gives you the ability to manage repairs effectively via the EIA manager’s workspace. It is designed to be a complete, code quality audit tool, end to end, for regular weekly or even daily use. 

According to Don Casson, CEO of Evergreen, “Over the past two years while working with our customers, we developed a large set of rules to test code in order to improve our own quality. We have combined these into a single, powerful analyzer for ServiceNow.” 

With EIA, ServiceNow customers can test their entire ServiceNow instance against ServiceNow’s published technical best practices, which encompasses 7 main topics, 29 sub topics and hundreds of individual rules. Once you have your findings, the EIA ranks them in degree of importance for you and gives you a manager’s workspace to manage the repair of the findings – giving you a clear path to getting and staying compliant with ServiceNow best practices. 

When asked why the EIA is free, Don Casson said, “we put everything we have into making the Evergreen Instance Analyzer great. Evergreen is a consulting firm. We made EIA free as a way to introduce Evergreen to ServiceNow customers and to showcase our unique ability to guarantee the delivery of high-quality code for ServiceNow.” 

The Evergreen Instance Analyzer is available now on the ServiceNow store.


Evergreen is a US based consulting firm and has worked with hundreds of mid-market, Fortune 1000 companies and public sector organizations to improve their IT Service Management execution. Over the past 20 years Evergreen has delivered more than 4,000 IT Service Management projects.  Evergreen is one of a few top tier, or GOLD US ServiceNow partners – in services, application development and training. As a certified applications developer, Evergreen develops solutions on the platform which are built and tested to the same standards as ServiceNow themselves. 


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