The ServiceNow Content Management System: 5 Improvement Ideas

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The ServiceNow Content Management System: 5 Improvement Ideas

Posted by Jeff Benedict

Tue, Jan 27, 2015

Creating a Customer-Centric Experience with the ServiceNow CMS Application

At Evergreen we seek to find business value in all of our customer projects and this tends to be focused on streamlining processes to save time or automating a workflow to reduce error and refocus labor on service improvement activities. But what about the user experience within our solutions, is there value in creating an "eye popping" customer portal that makes the users say "WOW?"  In talking to our customers the feedback is a resounding "YES." Having a customer portal that is intuitive, pleasing to the eye and rich with customer-focused content is exactly what customers want from IT.

We looked at the SN Content Management System application and the self-service portal that came out of the box and found that it was serviceable, but could be improved in the following ways:

  • It was not built with a responsive framework in mind and therefore does not work adequately on smart phones or tablets

  • It’s not easy to change to align with a customer’s style guides and other company marketing standards.  Customers tend to have to compromise on style to use the solution as it is presently constructed

  • Presentation and display of content is plain and is far behind customer expectations set by companies like Amazon, Apple or Google 

We decided to create a content management system (CMS) template on ServiceNow that would be truly responsive, easy to configure to meet the styles of our customers and align with modern consumer expectations in terms of beauty, simplicity and behavior.

We created our "Metro-Style" Content Management Solution.  Below are some of the highlights:

  1. Use of foundation ( as our responsive framework where all layouts, blocks and components utilize the grid system of foundation so that content responds to the size of the display.

    ServiceNow CMS Metro Style Portal

  2. Use of the off canvas plugin of foundation to create a swipe empowered menu on tablets and smart phones so that the screen real estate can be maximized.


  3. Leverage jQuery and AngularJS throughout the portal to create interactive elements without page reloads.  This includes alerts / outage and news sliders, search results that can be filtered and paginated, and interactive ticket status page with options to post updates, cancel requests or request a callback.


  4. Solution was built to be adjusted where core styles can be edited on the stylesheets, properties are highly leveraged, and definition tables are used for the search, navigation tiles and ticket status data elements.  All components of the portal have been organized in an application menu for ease of management and maintenance.


  5. We built this with the mindset of what a consumer of IT services would want to see, including content not found in the out of the box ServiceNow CMS portal such as service information and service health, presented in simple customer language.



IT consumers continue to seek new, innovation and intuitive solutions to empower them to be successful and we believe creating a self-service portal built on the power of ServiceNow workflow, integrations and data is a great way to align with these consumer expectations. 

We plan to continue extending this ServiceNow CMS solution for our customers, as the portal is the front door to IT – it should be beautiful, powerful and customer centric. And we invite you to try the live intereactive demo today! 



About the Author:

Jeff Benedict, Practice Manager, Evergreen Systems

Jeff has over 15 years of experience working in IT and consulting. He is ITIL and Service Manager practitioner certified and has managed and implemented countless ITSM tool implementations. Prior to joining Evergreen Jeff managed a delivery organization for a Managed Service Provider.



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