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ServiceNow Emergency Response App - Free Companion App/Update Set

Posted by Don Casson

Thu, Apr 16, 2020

Free Enhancement Set for ServiceNow COVID-19 Emergency Response Apps Released
by Evergreen Systems

Company deepens the functionality of two free ServiceNow applications with additional features
and reporting;
available FREE as a scoped app on the ServiceNow Store.


Leesburg, VA: April 15, 2020 -- Evergreen Systems announced today the release of Emergency Apps Companion, a FREE  scoped app download that snaps into two existing ServiceNow Emergency Apps – Emergency Self Report and Emergency Exposure Management. Evergreen’s Companion app improves the ability of users to respond quickly to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis with pre-built features and reports. 

“We were impressed with ServiceNow’s pandemic response and saw this as a way to contribute to the community,” said Don Casson, CEO, Evergreen Systems. “While assisting a customer with their own COVID-19 Data Collection solution, we went to work developing an expanded offering of enhancements for enterprise and government organizations tackling employee safety and reporting challenges during the current health crisis.”

Specific improvements offered for free to enhance the ServiceNow Emergency Self Report and Emergency Exposure Management Apps include:

  • Adjust the self-report portal to have a cleaner interface for the employee + incorporate it into the standard self-service portal
  • Create virtual agent topics for self-reporting exposure, symptoms or moving in / out of quarantine
  • Create an exposure management impact interface for relevant employees and managers to get the finer details of who is impacted and how
  • Adjust exposure management scripts and code to get additional details from Office365 about meetings and individuals within each meeting for more effective self-reporting of potential exposure
  • Create a mobile interface for managers to manage the self-reporting of their employees as needed
  • Configure self-reporting tasks for quarantine and non-quarantine status changes
  • Create / enhance reports / dashboards for COVID-19 lifecycle management

Evergreen’s Emergency Apps Companion are at no-cost to existing customers of ServiceNow or Evergreen Systems. For more information and to download visit the ServiceNow Store.


EVERGREEN SYSTEMS is a US based IT consulting firm and a ServiceNow Elite Partner, operating across the ServiceNow portfolio. We have delivered over 4,000 service management engagements, with a customer sat score of 9.5.  A certified app developer for the ServiceNow Store since it began, we currently have the #1 rated product in the Store, out of 690 apps – our FREE Evergreen Instance Analyzer.


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