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ServiceNow SAM Pro Training - Austin, TX

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Aug 02, 2019

ServiceNow's software asset management solution brings powerful capability for managing complex enterprise software licenses such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP and VM Ware. By combining discovery, entitlement management and reconciliation with cradle to grave asset management, it ensures your customers get good service and your data is accurate. 

Effective SAM relies on process & policy as much as technology.  However, many lack knowledge of best practices for managing complex enterprise software relationships, as well as an in depth understanding of SAM Pro’s functionality – but don’t have the time or need to attend a multi-day technical training class. 

This is why Evergreen created this FREE, deep dive, SAM Pro awareness training session.  

Over 3 hours we cover the 6 essential SAM topic areas in depth -- supported by relevant SAM Pro demos to show how each topic is enabled in the platform. 

Here is the agenda for our next LIVE event in Austin, TX on September 12, 2019 
(Note: the class will start at 9:00 am local time)

SAM agenda

In just three hours, attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • SAM processes, policies and best practices
  • An end to end / cradle to grave asset management lifecycle
  • How to gather & manage software contracts
  • How to use & rationalize discovery data
  • How to reconcile license entitlement state with your vendors
  • Practical use of SAM functionalities such as products, models and allocations
  • Key lifecycle activities such as request, sourcing, installation and retirement
  • Essential integrations including procurement / contracting, financial and enterprise software vendor license entitlement systems
  • Essential dashboards and metrics for asset data use and lifecycle management
  • A solid working knowledge of SAM Pro’s extensive out of the box capabilities

If you need a strong working knowledge or a refresher of SAM Pro functionality, but not detailed technical training – then this SAM Pro Awareness Training is designed for you. 

This event is free to current ServiceNow and Evergreen customers, and to qualified prospects. REQUEST YOUR SPOT in Austin NOW!
No competitors or consultants please.


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