Build a Consistent Service Design Process for ServiceNow

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Build a Consistent Service Design Process for ServiceNow

Posted by Don Casson

Fri, Jul 27, 2018

Think about designing your services so that consistent customer standards are met every time

Agile methodology plus a consistent service design process are essential for meeting your ServiceNow demand and keeping your customers happy. How important is good service design? Let’s look at Amazon.

What is it about the customer experience at Amazon that keeps people coming back for more? The answer is that they offer a simplified service design approach that is consistent and predictable.

When you think about Amazon, you expect the same great experience every time, whether you’re buying shoes or electronics. If you have a good experience with buying electronics, but a terrible one with your shoe-shopping, would you say some of it is good, and some bad? No. You would say Amazon is bad based on your terrible shoe-buying experience and you wouldn’t use it anymore to buy shoes, electronics or anything else.

But let’s be clear. The previous example is just a scenario. It’s not a reality with Amazon. This is because of Amazon’s consistent service design process; their customers expect (and get) the same great service experience every time. And your customers expect the same from you, too. 

Meeting the same standards across services

In my last post, I discussed the Agile methodology and process, and how it’s essential for the Build and Modify stages of a Services Workflow Factory for ServiceNow. Together with Agile, you’ll need to put in place a consistent service design process. While we might and want to have many parts of IT and beyond involved in creating services, every service must meet the same standards. Essentially, every service must look identical and work the same. Why? Because the customer demands it.

Here are three practical steps for creating a consistent service design process for ServiceNow:.

  • Step 1. Build a common process for the flow of service design work from start to finish.

  • Step 2. Once you have the design process laid out, review your governance mantle. Then, apply the steps in each area of the process that ensure governance is automatically baked in.

  • Step 3. Implement the Service Design Process in your ServiceNow platform. This makes it easier for others to build services too, while also automating the enforcement of service governance policy.

Service Design Process Build Flow - Evergreen Systems

Figure 1: Service Design Process – Build Flow

Above is an example of a high-level service design process for your use in your ServiceNow environment. It considers how the service will look to the customer, what its functionality will be, how the work will flow from start to finish, how we engineer in customer feedback, and what KPIs and metrics are needed to ensure that service delivery is in line with customer expectations. Of course, if adopting Agile in your ServiceNow software development lifecycle (SDLC) module is an area where you might need assistance, our Evergreen Evolve offering can help you get up to speed.

Many approach the challenge of meeting ServiceNow demand using the traditional approach (see image below) consisting of a core internal ServiceNow team, augmented by outside consultants on a project by project basis, with possible offshore technical support. 

Traditional services delivery model

Figure 2: Traditional services delivery model is a poor fit for ServiceNow

We are so used to doing it this way we don’t think about it! If we would stop to think how difficult, inefficient and slow this actually is, we’d look for a better way.

That’s exactly what we did.  As we really looked into the ServiceNow service delivery challenges, we saw that the traditional services model is broken, it doesn’t work well for ServiceNow, so we created a new way. (Hint: check out Evergreen Evolve.)

PS - if you enjoyed this blog, check out the recorded webinar and related slide deck available for download: "How to Meet Your ServiceNow Demand."


About the AuthorDon Casson is CEO of Evergreen Systems, an IT consulting firm helping medium to enterprise public and private sector organizations to dramatically transform their IT operations. Don is a frequent writer, blogger and presenter, and has delivered over 60 webinars on topics in Service Management, including IT and shared services. 


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