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Automating Health Care Compliance in IT?

Posted by Steph Velte

Health care compliance is a dynamic and growing burden. Managing and proving compliance with complex, changing and even conflicting regulatory requirements is difficult. And it must be incorporated at the individual employee level – at the point where the work is done. Health care carries a high and unique burden for both regulatory and legally driven compliance due to the dangerous nature of its work. 

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IT Service Catalog: 4 Steps to an Effective Service Catalog (Part 2)

Posted by Scott Davis

The basics for developing and maintaining an effective service catalog are simple. While simple in concept, this approach will require an initial and ongoing level of diligence to ensure effective performance. Today I will discuss the second of four steps to an effective service catalog.

Step #2: Keep your Catalog Clean and Accurate

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HP Service Manager 9.3 Process Designer: A game changer

Posted by Jeff Benedict

HP has broken out of their mold and has done something extraordinary with the new process designer released with Service Manager 9.3. On the surface it might not seem like such a monumental task but HP's history with ServiceCenter and Service Manager is to release new features that just build on top of the traditional Service Manager controls and legacy code.

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Change Management Dilemma? Ask Your Social Network!

Posted by Ron Ruminski

Configuration and Change Management best practices are growing faster than ever. It can be difficult to keep up with the changes and make the right IT management decisions. Perhaps you are deciding on which technology to move forward with in your data center? Or do you already have a product in-house but aren’t sure how to make the most of it? You may just need a little (IT) social networking to get you going!

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