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Planning a Service Catalog Project?  Ask These Questions to Succeed

Posted by Don Casson

Framing your IT project with people, process, and technology (culture as well) in mind can help you avoid disaster

It occurred to me not too long ago that one of the most important lessons I learned took place in high school English class. The teacher highlighted the five Ws and one H questions: who, what, where, when, why, and of course, how. These questions are recognized as fundamental for information gathering and problem solving, especially in careers where research is essential, like journalism or police investigations.

Likewise, when planning your Service Catalog project, the right questions when considered against the framework used for key IT projects – people, process, technology…and culture – are critical to the success of your initiative.

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How do you get ready for a Service Catalog Project?

Posted by Stephanie Nicoll

Few Organizations have practical experience planning for a successful Service Catalog project.

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Podcast: ServiceNow Store and the Employee Self-Service Catalog and Portal App from Evergreen

Posted by Don Casson

Don Casson, CEO and Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Manager at Evergreen join Kent Wong of ServiceNow for an interview in the ServiceNow TechBytes podcast. Topics covered include the ServiceNow store and the Evergreen Employee Self-Service Catalog and Portal available in the store as a ServiceNow Certified App.

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Evergreen Announces First Complete, Out of the Box, ServiceNow Customer-Centric ITSM Solution

Posted by Don Casson

WASHINGTON DC – January 12, 2016 – Evergreen Systems, the industry leading provider of “customer-centric” ITSM solutions on the ServiceNow platform, and a ServiceNow Preferred Implementation Partner announces today Evergreen Ready, the industry’s first complete, out of the box, customer-centric ServiceNow ITSM solution. 

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IT Service Catalog Initiative? How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers

Posted by Don Casson

I have updated this worthwhile brief originally written by one of our ITIL principal consultants, Phil Hellerman. It explores three key barriers to success with a Service Catalog and how to overcome them. This is the first of a three-part series. Enjoy! - Don Casson

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IT Service Catalog - Yours Needs to be Better

Posted by Jason Whitesides

Think for a moment about the worst customer experience you ever had. My bet is that if you had a bad customer experience that was the last time you gave whomever under-delivered your business.

IT organizations for too long have been able to ignore the customer experience. We have seen campaigns from ServiceNow highlighting the "Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)" like aspect of working with IT. No one wants to go to the DMV, well at least not those who have actually been there.

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Onboarding: Everybody has done it, and most people didn't like it...

Posted by Jeff Benedict

ServiceNow makes onboarding fun (or at least efficient!) Video demo below proves it. 

Some things are constant like the law of gravity: like the fact that your employee count will never remain static. One of the things we see with many of our customers is that IT struggles to flex with the business in two sister processes of Employee onboarding and off-boarding. Why if this is a something that every enterprise has to solve, has it not been solved once and for all?

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ServiceNow Tips: XML Document Migration for Service Catalog Items, Knowledge Management Articles

Posted by Jeff Duryea

I see a lot of documentation that is formatted in XML now. There is often a requirement to migrate documents into one area or another in ServiceNow. Knowledge documents and catalog items are some of the most common areas that require migration and transformation of XML documents from external systems and outside sources.

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Service Catalog Workshop Series: ITIL-Based Simulation Training

Posted by Steph Velte

Responding to Customer Demand, Evergreen Delivers Complementary ITIL-Based Simulation Approach Training Nationwide

Evergreen Systems is pleased to announce our Service Catalog Workshop Series. Coming soon to city near you! Planned stops include New York City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The intensive one-day seminar leads participants through an interactive case study, and attendees work in teams to design both strategy and practical solutions. A key component of the workshop is hands-on experience in developing objectives and creating strategies for delivering business-valuable services end-to-end. Equally beneficial is the ability for attendees to engage with peer professionals to share experiences, and to receive coaching directly from Evergreen’s experienced IT consultants whom lead the sessions.

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IT Service Management - 5 Tips for Success

Posted by Marketing Resources

The development and deployment of a new IT Service Management (ITSM) solution is an exciting and important challenge. It is an opportunity for an IT organization to transform the quality and consistency of the service they provide the business while maintaining “what works” and retiring “what stinks.” The starting point to achieving measurable success begins in the early stages of requirements gathering and design definition. The following are 5 tips to follow to keep you on the right track:

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