Webinar Recording and Slides

Recorded live on November 2, 2017.

Five Best Practices for Asset and Configuration Management Success Webinar 11-2-17.png

Effective Asset & Configuration Mgmt. remain a big challenge for IT – while they are also now absolutely critical. 

We have LOTS of data, but little information. As a decision support base – we can’t rely on them.

Modern IT moves at a pace unimaginable even 5 years ago. Flexibility, agility and speed are the adjectives of IT now. An accurate base of data for quick decision making is mandatory – or we will make lots more mistakes.

There are 5 foundational Best Practices you can use to start changing this today. 

Join Evergreen CEO Don Casson to find out why Asset & Configuration Management have failed to deliver significant value, what the 5 Best Practices are to turn this around, and how you can begin simply, today – to get much better outcomes.

Don's co-presenter is Jeff Benedict, who leads Evergreen’s ITSM Practice and Evergreen Innovation. Jeff will demonstrate the power of effective Asset & Configuration Management in our advanced, customer-centric ITSM platform, built on ServiceNow.  

Run time is approximately 55 minutes with Q&A.