If you attended ServiceNow Knowledge 2019, you know the conference theme was Digital Workflows…IT Workflows, HR Workflows and Customer Service Workflows.  All leveraging the ServiceNow platform for end to end work, and improving speed, quality and management control while also significantly reducing work. 

But there is a big challenge to overcome first. Many have siloed, technical activities that are loosely linked together today. Digital Workflows require that someone own them end to end. They require a Service Owner, which would be a big change for many. 

As IT moves from a technical task focus to a focus on delivering end to end services, the temanagers change.

What are these changes? How does IT adopt and adapt to them? Who owns the customer expectations & outcomes, and how do they manage them end to end?

Join us as we tackle these questions with a look into the daily life and times of an IT Service Owner in the age of digital workflows. See how they spend their time, what they pay attention to and what challenges - and opportunities - they face in the course of a normal day.  

We will also demo how ServiceNow can provide a very advanced, Service Management solution, focused on the daily role of the IT Service Owner and making Digital Workflows possible.rm Service Owner is becoming more and more prevalent. Might this be happening in your organization?

Is a Service Owner role really different from your role today?

Yes. We believe it is significantly different. The design and flow of work changes, metrics and measures of success change and roles & responsibilities.