Webinar Recording and Slides


Presented live on March 16, 2016

As IT moves from technical activities to delivering IT services, profound changes are occurring in IT. The design and flow of work changes, measures of success change and roles & responsibilities for both IT staff and managers change. 

What are these changes? How does IT adopt and adapt to them? Who owns the customer expectations & outcomes, and how do they manage them? 

Join us as we tackle these questions with a look into the daily life and times of an IT Service Owner. Join us as we see how they spend their time, what they pay attention to and what challenges - and opportunities - they face in the course of a normal day.   

We will also demo our always evolving view of a very advanced, self-service catalog and portal, with a focus on the daily role of the IT Service Owner. Total run time approximately 50 minutes.

Hosted by Don Casson, CEO and Jeff Benedict, ITSM Practice Manager and Innovation Leader, Evergreen Systems.