Background and Challenge

A leading provider of financial services to institutions and individual customers asked Evergreen to provide implementation services for Asset Manager (AM) and Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI). The initial project was a technology implementation designed to help the client manage IT assets and, ultimately, get better control over software assets and application licenses and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

Evergreen rolled out AM and DDMI for the corporate parent entity and then performed a series of separate DDMI installations for a group of smaller companies under the corporate umbrella. When those were completed, Evergreen integrated the DDMI deployments with the single AM installation.

The client and Evergreen have forged a partnership over the past couple of years, and Evergreen has helped the client continue to improve the solution, including upgrading Asset Manager and Connect-It to improve operational efficiency and support the move to a new operating system and database platform. The extended successful working partnership led the client to come directly to Evergreen alone to provide a design for the upgrade and lead the way on its implementation.

Evergreen's Approach

Evergreen conducted two weeks of workshops to document the client's business requirements and associated needs. A series of technical requirements were developed from these sessions to define an AM customization that would meet the organizational objectives for software compliance and contract management.

Acting on the collected data, Evergreen led an automation effort to help the client find the best solution possible to support a lack of formal ITAM processes and limited staff resources. The deployment of DDMI to collect PC and server data through the organization was critical to this automation effort.

An integration was designed and built between AM and the client's IT vendor for the automatic generation of links to new hardware and software assets. The DDMI/AM integration was configured to reconcile and update hardware records initially created via the vendor feed.

Integrations with the client's SAP environment were developed to automate the maintenance of employee, cost center, procurement and fixed asset data, including updates to the Fixed Asset data throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Workflows were created to manage the approval of the semi-automated location changes and the disposal of assets.

Contract expiration notifications were implemented that sent emails to designated contacts prior to the expiration of a contract.

More than 600 maintenance contracts and software license agreements were created, covering three separate divisions of the organization. In addition, software counters were created to monitor compliance for more than 200 software products across multiple divisions of the organization.

Outcome and Benefits

The AM implementation provided the client with information about its environment that had been unavailable previously. This expanded access to IT data provided opportunities to drive additional cost savings and risk-avoidance measures.

Active compliance management because of AM and the associated integrations minimized software costs and reduced risk related to software license management.

In two years, the client generated more than 900 software counters via AM. The compliance data provided by these counters resulted in cost savings from the start, beginning with more than $50,000 saved after a review of only a few titles. Compliance statistics from these counters automatically recalculate on a weekly basis using a workflow developed by Evergreen. Prior to the installation of AM, the client would have purchased new licenses due to a lack of information about the number of excess licenses available for reuse.

Using AM to proactively maintain and support contracts, particularly in terms of reviewing contracts due for renewal, led to more than $170,000 in bottom-line savings in the first year of implementation.

Evergreen has become a trusted partner and continues to show the client how to leverage the implemented technology to its fullest extent to realize the most from AM and make better business decisions.

After the successful AM implementation, the client had the knowledge and resources in place to move toward an implementation of Service Manager and to integrate AM and SM to enhance its ITAM and ITSM processes.


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